Opera Team Building

We offer a completely unique team building exercise where you and your colleagues devise your very own opera and then perform it.  Don’t worry, singing talent is not necessary – just enthusiasm!

The idea is to choose a plot for an opera by mixing  & matching traditional opera themes e.g. mistaken identity, power struggles, romance, myths.  Then the group chooses arias from popular operas to suit the storyline.  Our professional opera singer and piano accompanist will teach the group how to sing the arias until eventually the team can perform their very own opera – either in chorus or solos.  What could be more fun?

Communal singing is renowned for its health benefits and for its ability to bond groups of people and foster a sense of community. That’s why this format is so perfect for team building. And in what other team building exercise can group members talk of their magnum opus?

If you are looking for unforgettable entertainment we look forward to hearing from you!

Photo © Lucy Williams