Corporate Events & Team Building

If you’re after something unique for your corporate entertainment or team building then you have come to the right place! Whether you want to entertain a client, organize a team building event, or an office jolly then we have something for you.

Opera on the Menu: These are opera dinners where food & drink is themed to your choice of opera, and professional opera singers entertain your group.

Rule Britannia: A musical and dining entertainment with an 18th century British theme. Learn the inside story of one of Britain’s most rousing anthems.

Mix & Match Opera: A unique team building exercise where you devise your very own opera and then perform it. Don’t worry, singing talent is not necessary – just enthusiasm!

Opera Karaoke: Enormously fun team building or office party entertainment. Singing together is a brilliant bonding experience. Good for health, stress reduction, and improved emotional health. But more than anything it is great fun, joyful & uplifting!

If you are looking for unforgettable entertainment we look forward to hearing from you!  Contact us.